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The decision to fly during pregnancy depends on various factors, including the length of the flight, the stage of pregnancy, and any pregnancy-related medical conditions. Occasional air travel during pregnancy is not harmful for you or your baby as long as you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy. Traveling in the final months of pregnancy can be tiring and uncomfortable. So, many women find the best time to travel or take a holiday is in mid-pregnancy, between 4 and 6 months. When should I stop flying during pregnancy? After 36 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may advise against flying.

The chance of going into labor is naturally higher after 37 weeks, and some airlines won’t let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy. However, different airlines and countries may have their own policies and regulations regarding pregnant passengers, so it’s important to check with your airline before booking your flight.

If you have any of the following conditions you may be advised against traveling.

  • History of or current placental abnormalities
  • Threatened miscarriage or vaginal bleeding during current pregnancy
  • History of high blood pressure, or diabetes
  • History of infertility or trouble getting pregnant
  • Pregnancy for the first time over the age of 35 years
  • History of blood clots, can result in a condition called venous thrombosis
  • Severe anaemia

The safest time for a woman to travel is in the second trimester of her pregnancy, from 14 to 28 weeks. This is the time when you will feel your best. You are also at the lowest risk for spontaneous abortion or premature labor. It’s also important to check with your airline and doctor before booking your flight and to take appropriate precautions during the flight, such as staying hydrated, stretching, and wearing compression stockings.

In conclusion, while occasional air travel during pregnancy is generally safe, knowing when should I stop flying during pregnancy is crucial. After 36 weeks, it’s advisable to avoid flying to ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. Always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.

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