Red Flags

Here we will make you aware of possible symptoms so that you take them seriously. Always consult a healthcare professional for your unique medical needs, without delay.

Have you experienced any vaginal bleeding or spotting?
A woman with a thought bubble above her head, pondering deeply about something.
Have you had any cramping or abdominal pain?
Pregnant woman holding her stomach in discomfort, indicating a stomach ache.
Have you had any complications during previous pregnancies?
Pregnant woman icon: A simple graphic representation of a pregnant woman, symbolizing pregnancy and motherhood.
Have you experienced any unusual fatigue or weakness?
A woman gently cradles her stomach, forming a circle with her hands.
Have you had any medical conditions that may affect your pregnancy, such as diabetes or high blood pressure?
A woman multitasking with a laptop and phone in hand, managing work and communication efficiently.
Have you had any significant stressors or life changes during your pregnancy?
A woman holding a broken heart icon, symbolizing heartbreak and emotional pain.
Have you noticed any changes in your appetite or eating habits?
A woman sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of her, ready to enjoy a delicious meal.
Have you had any fever or other signs of infection?
pregnant woman with long, wavy hair wearing a purple top, looking unwell with a concerned expression, and a thermometer in her mouth. The background is a solid coral circle.
Have you noticed any unusual vaginal discharge or order?
A pregnant woman with a speech bubble on her head, expressing her thoughts or words visually.
Have you noticed any unusual changes in your breast tissue or nipple discharge?
A pregnant woman gently cradling her belly with both hands, radiating a sense of care and anticipation.
Have you experienced any sudden changes in your mood or mental health?
A woman gently cradling a baby in her arms, radiating love and care.
Have you been exposed to any environmental toxins or substances that may affect your pregnancy?
A pregnant woman holding pills and medicine, taking care of her health during pregnancy.

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