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Warning Signs to watch out in Trimester 2/3 

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  1)  Have you had any vaginal bleeding or spotting?

a) Are you currently bleeding?

b) Are you passing clots?

c) Do you know if your  past sonograms show a low-lying placenta?

2)  Have you had any cramping or abdominal pain?

a) Is the cramping or pain intensifying?

3) Are you having any unusual vaginal discharge? (curdy white, yellow, green, foul smell)

4) Do you have any unusual swelling in your feet, hands or Face?

a) Is the swelling severe ?

b) Is the swelling persisting even after resting?

c) Is this a sudden increase in swelling you are experiencing ?

5) Have you experienced significant and sudden weight gain?

6) Have you had any unusual headaches or blurring of vision?

a) Is your current blood pressure elevated compared to its previous normal range?

b) Are your headaches persisting even after taking medication?

c) Are you experiencing blurred vision?

7) Do you experience burning while urinating?

a) Do you have increased frequency of urination

b) Is your urine blood tinged?

8) Have you noticed any unusual fetal movements or decreased fetal movement?

a) Are you noticing Reduced/ Decreased fetal movement (has your baby moved less than 10 times in a day)?

b) Are you noticing unusual excessive Activity in fetal movement ?

c) Are you getting Pain associated with fetal movements?

9) Do you have  sudden changes in your mood or mental health?

a) Are you undergoing mild mood swings and changes in mood?

b) Are you having sudden & severe mood swings which are affecting your daily life?

  • This quiz  is to ensure that you discuss all important points with your doctor
  • If you have answered yes to any of the Warning signs do not panic, just inform your doctor in your next visit
  • Each case is different, and your doctor know best
  • Please note : All information is medically previewed by a doctor panel

Red Flags

Here we will make you aware of possible symptoms so that you take them seriously. Always consult a healthcare professional for your unique medical needs, without delay.

Have you experienced any vaginal spotting or Bleeding?

Have You Had Any Cramping Or Abdominal Pain?

Have You Experienced Any Unusual Fatigue Or Weakness?

Have You Had Any Fever Or Other Signs Of Infection?

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