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No. It is not safe, not even a glass. There is no safe amount of red wine or other alcohol to consume during pregnancy. Alcohol is a chemical that gets into the bloodstream and passes to the foetus. Drinking during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage and can cause lifelong physical and mental disabilities for your baby.

The risk of harm is highest during the first trimester of pregnancy when the baby’s organs and systems are forming. However, drinking at any point during pregnancy can have an impact on the baby’s development.

Harmful effects on your baby

  • Premature birth. …
  • Brain damage and problems with growth and development
  • Birth defects, like heart defects, hearing problems or vision problems
  • Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders or FASD which include smaller brain, bone problems
  • Low birth weight (also called LBW)

On Your pregnancy

  • Miscarriage
  • Slower growth in the womb
  • Premature birth
  • Low birth weight

On breastfeeding

  • Low breast milk production
  • Poor sleeping patterns for your baby
  • Poor infant development

In conclusion, drinking wine or any other alcoholic beverage during pregnancy is not safe. It’s essential to avoid alcohol entirely to protect the developing baby from potential harm. If you have consumed alcohol during your pregnancy, speak with your doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible to determine any potential risks to your developing baby and receive appropriate medical care.

Red Flags

Here we will make you aware of possible symptoms so that you take them seriously. Always consult a healthcare professional for your unique medical needs, without delay.

Have you experienced any vaginal spotting or Bleeding?

Have You Had Any Cramping Or Abdominal Pain?

Have You Experienced Any Unusual Fatigue Or Weakness?

Have You Had Any Fever Or Other Signs Of Infection?

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