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Normal delivery or vaginal delivery is the most preferred and most common way to deliver a baby because it carries the lowest risk (in most cases). A vaginal delivery occurs most often between weeks 37 and 42 of pregnancy.

The main advantage of normal delivery is a quick recovery (within a few days or a week). It involves a lesser risk of blood loss, infections, or complications related to medications. It also allows you to breastfeed your baby sooner and have immediate contact with your baby.

  • Reduce stress – Maternal stress is associated with preterm birth and low birthweight. Breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises may help relieve stress.
  • Exercise regularly – A regular workout will definitely help you have stronger muscles and confidence, however, there is no guarantee that it is one of the major factors for normal delivery. It improves your chances greatly. Rather than maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, this is the right time to get moving!
  • Get enough sleep – Poor sleep quality is common during pregnancy, especially as you advance into the third and second trimester. While easily overlooked, the lack of sleep has impacts on a pregnant person’s health as well as that of a developing foetus. It has been found in various studies that pregnant women who slept less than six hours at night late in pregnancy had longer labors and were more likely to have caesarean deliveries.
  • Build a support system –Have enough emotional support. Have your partner, mother, and close friends around so that they are there to boost your confidence and allay your fears about normal delivery. With the right kind of support from your gynaecologist and preparation in the antenatal period, you can expect to have a smooth normal delivery.
  • Stay hydrated – Staying hydrated is vitally important at the end of pregnancy. You could go into labor at any time, and if you’re fully hydrated when labor starts, you’ll have far more energy and stamina than you will if you’re dehydrated.
  • Keep weight in check – You have keep your weight in check, as being overweight could increase the chances of having a large baby and lower the chances of normal delivery.
  • Acquire knowledge about birthing – Acquire as much knowledge as possible about labor and the delivery process. This will build your confidence and comfort level about normal delivery.

Normal delivery is one of the best ways to have a baby. It is completely natural, it is free from any type of side effects, and the recovery time is short.  You have a normal delivery planned for yourself, then you should follow normal delivery tips and consult your doctor on what are the best possible ways to ensure normal delivery.

Red Flags

Here we will make you aware of possible symptoms so that you take them seriously. Always consult a healthcare professional for your unique medical needs, without delay.

Have you experienced any vaginal spotting or Bleeding?

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